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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the visitor center at Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Florida. It has samples and displays of historic aircraft and artifacts, two IMAX theaters, several bus tours, and the Shuttle Launch Experience, a simulated attraction in space. It also includes the Apollo / Saturn V Center and the Hall of the US Astronauts of Fame. There were 1.5 million visitors in 2009 and it employs approximately 700 employees.

Kennedy Space Center




US Astronaut Hall of Fame


OF United States Astronaut Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame of the US astronauts), located 9km west on Highway 405 from the main Visitor Complex in Titusville, Florida, is a big part of Visitor Complex. The Hall of Fame is a museum that has the largest collection of personal objects of the world astronauts. The Hall of Fame was previously owned and operated by the US Space Camp Foundation, but was bought in a auction by Delaware North Park Services in September 2012 on behalf of NASA and the property was included in the KSC Visitor Complex. It was reopened on December 14, 2002. Entry is included in the Visitor Complex's ticket.


The garden rocket


Among the building that houses the entrance to the Visitor Complex and Debus center is an outdoor sample of historic rockets that put Americans and satellites in space. Visitors can walk among the rockets. The Mercury-Redstone rocket, Mercury-Atlas and Titan II rockets launched astronauts and Juno I, II Juno, Thor-Delta and Atlas-Agena launched satellites  from Cape Canaveral. They are mounted in a vertical position while the largest rocket, Saturn IB, is mounted sideways. The Saturn IB rockets launched the command/service Apollo modules in the Earth's orbit to the Apollo project, Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.


Apollo / Saturn V Center


The Apollo / Saturn V Center is located north-northwest of Launch Complex 39 at the Kennedy Parkway N Shuttle Landing Facility and is only accessible to visitors by bus tours of the Visitors Complex. The center, which opened on December 17, 1996 was designed by award-winning designer Bob Rogers (designer) and the design team BRC Imagination Arts, for NASA and Delaware North Companies.


Space Shuttle Atlantis


In 2010, KSC announced a plan of $ 100 million to house a retired space shuttle module in a 10-storey building and 63205 ft². On April 12, 2011, the 30th anniversary of the launch of STS-1, NASA announced that Atlantis would be offered to KSC for display after its last flight on STS-135 and subsequent decommissioning. The exhibition was officially opened on June 29, 2013.


Shuttle Launch Experience


The Shuttle Launch Experience, designed by award-winning designer Bob Rogers (designer) and the design team BRC Imagination Arts, was inaugurated on 25 May 2007. The attraction puts visitors in a simulated launch aircraft. The Delaware North Companies invested six years and $ 60 million in the attraction. Astronauts, NASA expert and attractions industry leaders were consulted during development. The attraction is housed in a building of 43132 ft² which houses four simulations, each accommodating 44 people. Former commander and current Administrator Charles F. Bolden narrates the simulation and is the host the pre-recorded show.


Space Mirror Memorial


The Space Mirror Memorial, also known as Astronaut Memorial (Memorial Astronaut), is maintained by the Memorial Foundation of Astronauts and is located behind the IMAX cinema in the Visitor main complex terrain. It honors NASA astronauts along with some military and civilian astronauts who died providing services.



Address  - SR 405, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
(321) 452-2121
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